The VizualDesign Podcast with Robert Breen Ep #2

The VizualDesign Podcast Ep #2

Welcome to The VizualDesign Podcast powered by Vizual Intelligence. This podcast exists to help data visualization enthusiast learn from industry expert on topics around dashboard design. Each 30–45-minute episode will pick the brains of different developers on how they approach dashboard designs while giving you different Tableau dashboard tips and tricks to get your creative juices flowing.

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This episode we will be talking with Robert Breen, a Tableau Consultant and owner of Tableau Commons. We will be discussing his process when it comes to building his dashboards and all the latest trends we are seeing that is spilling over from the tech industry.


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  • So many small but valuable tips. Thanks!
    I really like the use of padding and a transparent grayish background to bold each chart. Normally, I don’t use a background color on the chart title since it distracts the viewer.

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